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One of the best ways to get yourself ready to workout is to start with some West Auckland fitness tests. Fitness tests can help you to see where you need to focus in order to get healthier and become more fit. These tests can really help you to jump start your quest for fitness. West Auckland tests are rather easy to do on your own and something that you can do to know exactly where you are when it comes to your fitness level.

West Auckland fitness tests will test some specific muscles so that you can determine where you are weak and need to focus your workout. You will need somewhere to record your test results, a measuring tape, a scale and a stopwatch to do these tests. These tests are a starting point. They are the baseline records that you will use to determine your progress through whatever weight loss or fitness program you are following.

Here are the tests that you can do to access your fitness level:

Cardio Test

This West Auckland fitness test will help you determine your cardio strength. Start by recording your resting pulse rate. To do this you need to find your pulse, either on your wrist or your neck. Count the beats for 10 seconds and then multiply that number by 60 to get your heart rate. Walk briskly for one mile. Take your pulse just as you did before. Record your pulse rate.

Strength Test

You will do two tests for strength. For one minute you will do as many sit ups as you can. Record the number and then do as many push ups as you can for one minute. Record that number.


Sit on the floor with your legs straight out in front of you. Without bending your legs reach towards your toes as far as you can. Measure the distance to your toes, if you can’t reach or past your toes if you can reach. Record this number.

Body Mass Index and Weight

The last part of the West Auckland fitness tests are to record your body mass index and weight.

Now that you have all these records for each test you have your starting information. Work out for 4 weeks doing both cardio and strength training. After those 4 weeks do the tests again. You should see an improvement over your last numbers. If you do not see any improvement then it is time to reassess your workouts. You probably need to workout more often or at a higher intensity. If you have improved then you are on the right track to becoming more fit.

Keep doing the West Auckland fitness tests every four weeks to check your fitness. West Auckland trainers can assist you with the process and allow you to find ways to make greater improvements and to reach your goals. If you are struggling then you may want to consider seeing a trainer so that you can start seeing improvements. Make sure to do the West Auckland fitness tests the same way each time so that your results are as accurate as possible.

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