Ten Best Tips for weight loss

  1. Get Accountable – “Most people lead lives of quiet desperation”. Commit to a very good friend who you know will be supportive of your health goals, or use a fitness professional so you can stay accountable.
  2. Get Serious – Make a real commitment to changing some lifestyle habits, take some time out to think about why you want to be trimmer, fitter, leaner and healthier.
  3. Set A Specific Goal – Once you have a clear reason why you want to make change, make it a tangible goal. Use the S.M.A.R.T (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time defined) principle. Write that goal down in your diary and refer to it daily to help you stay focused. Give yourself a reward when you succeed.
  4. Keep A Diary – Diarise your start weight, do some basic measurements and take before photos. Write down what you do each time you exercise and keep track of the time it takes to walk/run a specific route or distance. The fitter you get, the faster you will become and this is very motivating.
  5. Write Down What You Eat – This is the single most effective way of cutting out all those little snacks and becoming accountable to yourself regarding your nutrition. Show your food diary to the good friend or professional who is helping you every week – trust me, it makes you think twice about what you eat.
  6. Cut back on Alcohol – One glass of wine contains 100 calories – in other words, a 30 min walk/20 min bike ride or ten minute hard run. If you are having 2 glasses of wine 3 nights per week you would need to do 1 hour of hard running just to burn them off, let alone make any head way with your weight loss goals.
  7. Think Outside the Square – Gyms are not the only place you can exercise. Get outdoors – we are fortunate to have amazing outdoor activities at our door step all over this beautiful country. Join a social sports team, and relive those glory days on the netball court! Get the family involved in bush walks or bike rides.
  8. Reward yourself – Once you have achieved your goal or a significant step on your road to success, give yourself a reward and take time to pat yourself on the back. Make sure your reward is reflective of your achievement, and try not to make them food-based – rewarding yourself with food is a bad habit to get into. Doing a workout does not qualify for coffee and a muffin as a reward!
  9. Get Educated – There are so many myths about food and exercise, what is the best training to do or the latest Hollywood diet. It saddens me that most people struggle away thinking they are doing the correct training and eating healthy food when they are not. You would not go to a building site to get fashion advice so don’t go to your know-it-all friend about how to lose weight!
  10. Ring Me! – I am happy to provide assistance in getting you started I only ask that you are committed to making a change in your lifestyle and are prepared to work at it. If you do what I suggest I guarantee you will get results. You can reach me on 0800 B3 TRAINING or at www.b3training.com