If you live in the Auckland area and want to burn fat, tone your thighs, legs, arms and flatten your belly, then B3 Personal Training has a GUARANTEED weight loss and fitness program for you!

We live in the land of the ‘Long White Cloud’, surrounded by water…Never feel self conscious at the beach again!

From the desk of: Peter Bristow
Auckland Personal Trainer

Dear Friend:

I specialise in building a better, leaner, fitter, healthier and more refined personal training programme for You!
By taking part in one of my programmes, I personally guarantee you will not only lose weight, tone up, and get on track to achieving that body you desire, but you will increase your self-esteem and to keep it short and to the point – You will lead a better life!

  • Are you worried that you’re looking older than you feel because you have excess weight?
  • Do you wonder if being overweight will put you at risk of heart disease, diabetes and other health problems in the future?
  • Do you want to look 10 years younger, drop a few dress sizes so you can feel sexier?

At B3 Auckland Personal Training we’ll find you the best personal trainer in Auckland so you’ll burn fat, lose weight, get healthy and feel fabulous! I’ll show you how…

My name is Peter Bristow and I’m the owner and a personal fitness trainer at B3 Personal Training, located in Auckland, New Zealand.  I specialize in helping people achieve mental and physical body transformations that gives them more energy, better health and lifelong weight loss.

My passion for fitness and sports started very young.  Excelling in athletics during primary and secondary school forged the way for me to turn my passion into my life’s work.


From the kid who took a stray cat home ——— To cross country champion


Let’s not beat around the bush. I didn’t really apply myself academically at school, although I loved playing sport and competing! All – and I mean all – of my confidence, and self-esteem came from being half decent at athletics and sport.
Let me take a minute to paint a picture. When I was 11 everyone in my class got a certificate at the end of the year for outstanding achievement. I can still remember as if it was yesterday, my teacher, Ms Martin telling me she really struggled with me, but then she remembered I once took a stray cat home from school. ”Seriously?” I thought. “Is that the best you can come up with after a year of teaching me?” But apparently it was. I received my certificate for ‘Caring about stray cat’. How sad is that?

After that experience, I trained hard for the school cross country. My dad helped me out – we’d do training sessions two or three times a week. I had my eye on beating one boy who ALWAYS won. And six months after getting the ‘stray cat’ award, I did it! The victory was sweet – I was cross country champion – and everyone knew it.

I didn’t realise it at the time, but those six months from the ‘stray cat’ award to winning cross country taught me a valuable lesson. That if you work at something, you will get results, and hopefully win! From that day forth, most of my self-esteem, recognition, feelings of self-worth, goal setting and confidence came from my passion for sport and exercise.

It may not be the same for you, you may not want to win the race, or even compete in a race. But if you take nothing else from this website, please remember one thing.


If you pick up that phone, or send me an email, put in place what is suggested, you will feel more energetic, have a better self-esteem, lose weight and feel fantastic

McIntosh Family

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Carolyn Goffin

So there I was, fair, fat and a couple of years off 40. 20 kilos of wine and nibbles had taken up residence on my once athletic size 10 frame and I wanted it gone, wanted to once again wear a great pair of jeans and zip up a fabulous pair of boots without rolls oozing out in all directions.

What I loved most about this challenge was the various group work outs that Pete offered – the Fairy Falls workout was my favorite – nearly killed me but it was great to get in the bush and run around in the fresh air. I was always encouraged and praised for my efforts which in turn made me want to give it that little bit more each time. We had also been put into groups and then paired up with a challenge buddy, which was great to compare how each of you were going and encourage each other.

As the challenge went along I could see the kilo’s dropping off, not only that but my clothes also starting to drop off!! A shopping trip was called for – Jeans and boots here I come! I also had to start getting used to people paying me compliments about how good I was looking! At final weigh in day I was over the moon at what I had achieved – I had dropped another 9.4kgs, lost 19cm, decreased my body fat by 3.87% and not only that, I had managed to do a 10k run in 1 hour – something I never thought I could do!

I’m now hooked and committed to continuing with my new healthier way of life. I love going to gym, it’s now a part of my regular daily routine and I will continue my weekly training sessions with Pete to keep me in check.

“...I had managed to do a 10k run in 1 hour - something I never thought I could do!”
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Christie Whitehead

I started bootcamp because I wanted a challenging, effective workout and to get motivated about exercise again. After starting work full time getting to the gym became a real challenge and when I did go I lacked the motivation to push myself. Ideally I would have loved an Auckland personal trainer, but that was out of my reach financially, and then I discovered B3 Bootcamp and I was hooked from day 1! B3 Bootcamp is everything I had been looking for. You get the motivation and variety of a personal trainer without the huge prices and can go 3 times a week – Sold!

I am relatively new to B3 Bootcamp but I am already completely addicted! I come away from every session completely shattered but feeling invigorated and so good about myself. Even though I only joined up about a month ago, I have already lost 2kgs and seen a huge improvement in my fitness, but most of all I just feel great! Peter’s sessions are always so varied and so challenging, pushing me to do things I would never do on my own. Peter motivates everyone in such a postive way and all the members are so supportive and fun to workout with. I honestly can’t recommend B3 Bootcamp enough, its transformed the way I feel about myself and fitness.

“I am relatively new to B3 Bootcamp but I am already completely addicted!”

I quickly learned how being in good physical and mental shape could change my overall outlook on myself and my life.  The problem is, I’ve also seen first hand how being overweight and unfit can have a negative affect on a person’s overall outlook on their body and their life. Too often, people get stuck in the mirror effect…

Have you ever looked in the mirror and only seen unsightly love handles, a flabby belly, a soft and sagging buttocks and jiggly thighs?  That’s the mirror effect.  When you don’t feel that you look your best, your self-esteem suffers and you only see the things you don’t like about yourself.

That can cause a lot of stress…

Did you know that stress puts excess strain on the body making it difficult for you to sleep, to relax…and to lose weight?

But that’s not all.  Stress can cause serious health risks that may lead to heart disease, diabetes and so much more.

You’re already frustrated about not being able to fit into your clothes and not having the energy you need to get through the day.  You don’t need to be stressed out about the potential health risks of being overweight.

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Donna Cottle

I was getting very depressed with the way I looked and felt and after seeing the results my son achieved I decided to do something for me. Leave the chores at home and head down to the gym a few times a week.

I have achieved great results in about 5 months (it would have been quicker if I had got my head around the food side of things sooner). The best thing is other people are starting to comment on my results. I feel so much fitter and healthier, I have lost weight and toned up. I would get out of breath walking up stairs, now I run up the stairs. I run around the house doing chores, to the point where my husband tells me to stop running and sit down. My clothes fit nicely again and after another few months I may even need a shopping spree to celebrate my results. I want to thank Peter for being so caring and wanting to help people to feel better within and helping me achieve my results. I now have my whole family working out with Pete.

“...I may even need a shopping spree to celebrate my results.”
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Fi Richards

The reason why I started with B3 was because I had been struggling with my yoyo weight/attitude/finances/confidence/parenting/self-esteem and relationship problems since the separation then came divorce from my husband of 15 years. All these things led to a life of alcohol abuse and heavy smoking of cigarettes, that I thoroughly loved. I thrived on the feeling of being pissed 5 days a week, I didn’t care which day of the week it was just as long as I could have that artifical mood enhancer to make me happy. I did the odd fitness binge now and again at the gym, (trying to impress myself), then would give up, walk away, and return to the pub scene where I felt better. This habit I did for 10 years.

In the year 2007 I returned to the gym for yet another fitness binge. I was feeling great for the first week when Pete approached me and asked me how things were going (as he trained me a while ago, when I was bingeing). I told him I was doing really great and denied the fact that my shitty life was going nowhere. He invited me to again train under B3. I took up the invitation and started working out. I had no plan of what I really wanted to get out of this, (I thought I wouldn’t be here that long anyway, hanging out for the next pint). Pete was very patient with me. He drew up a fitness and nutrition plan, did body measurements and then he started me on a personal programme that was idiot proof for me. It was a slow process, and during this time Pete was very supportive every step of the way. The positive encouragement he gave me every session we had together was the best I had received from someone for a long long time. He made me work so hard that I hated him for at least 6months.

As time went along and I suprisingly attended all my sessions with Pete, I was feeling an internal wellness. I became fitter, stronger, more confident, my self-esteem had shot through the roof, my relationships with family and friends improved, I was richer and the biggest thrill of all. I became ALCOHOL free. I didn’t see this coming, it hit me from behind, and by the time I turned around to re-asses myself all the hard work I had done had paid off.

Joining B3 was the best thing I have ever done for such a long time, and it has now been 4 years since joining that I have never ever regretted it at all. I feel liberated for overcoming one of the main things about my life and that is, work hard and you will acheive, never give up, believe in yourself. I have alot more respect for myself that I thought I would never get back, alot more respect for other people and who they are, a different outlook on life.

“I became fitter, stronger, more confident, my self-esteem had shot through the roof...”
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Jenny Bramley

My Best mate made me start! Seriously – she had been training with Pete for a couple of years and kept stressing how good she felt because of the regular workouts.

Yes! – I am hooked! – wouldn’t miss it for the world! I realise that weight bearing exercises and core work are very important for women of a certain age.

“Yes! – I am hooked! – wouldn’t miss it for the world!”
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Kelly Luggen

I got started with B3 firstly at the gym doing ‘one on one’ training. Then when I heard about Boot Camp I was really keen for some outdoor training and I also enjoy training with a group. Boot camp has become addictive for me. I absolutely love it. The workouts are always different which I think is the key to keeping me motivated. Also the group of people are awesome and I have made some really good friends. Since doing the Auckland Boot Camp I have run my first half marathon. This was a big achievement for me as I am really not a good runner. Boot Camp is now just part of my normal week, sometimes the thought of pulling my self of the couch in the evening is hard but the feeling after a good workout is great. I know it’s always worth it.

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Laura North

I always had an active childhood being involved with team sports such as soccer. Committing to a team sport these days is pretty tough. I also find motivating myself to go and do exercise by myself pretty tough so the B3 Bootcamps have been perfect. I get the social aspect of a team sport along with great workouts which never get boring. After almost 2yrs of bootcamps I can honestly say that we have not had one session that has been exactly the same as another. Pete uses his imagination to think up different and fun exercises for us to do.

I have never felt so strong! When I first started the B3 Bootcamps I could only do 2 full pushups before my arms gave way. Now I can do 26! I feel great and get a full body workout which keeps me feeling healthy.

Why put yourself through unneeded stress when you CAN have the fabulous body you’ve always wanted and deserve…and be healthy at the same time?

You’ve already made a major step toward better health and fitness because you’re here visiting the B3 Personal Training website.

That tells me you want to make a change. Now let’s talk about how you can make that change for the better.

  • Lose inches from your weight, thighs, buttocks and arms
  • Burn fat and lose weight
  • Look and feel 10 years younger
  • Have loads of energy to enjoy the things you want to do with your mate  and children
  • Flatten your belly
  • Drop a couple of dress sizes
  • Live longer and be healthier
  • Be stronger
  • Get into your skinny jeans

At B3 Personal Training, you can achieve all that and more!

Let’s take a moment to talk about why some people fail to achieve their weight loss and fitness goal.  Are you ready?  Here it is.  They don’t even try.  That’s right.  It’s as simple as that.

People who take the steps to learn about proper nutrition and fitness will lose weight.

But many people are afraid and don’t want to do it alone.  I don’t blame them.  But at B3 Personal Training you will never be alone!  The expert trainers are there with you every step of the way to guide you and motivate you to keep going!

Do you fear you’ll start a weight loss program only to fail and not reach your weight loss and fitness goal?

Does failure with past weight loss programs keep you from taking the steps you need to take to get the lean and sexy body of your dreams?

I’m going to let you in on a fact that no one ever wants to acknowledge…

EVERYONE has FEAR.  But are you really going to allow that fear to get in the way of getting into those skinny jeans or that little black dress?  No way!
B3-the premier Auckland Personal Training programme turns your fear around and helps you realize real weight loss and fitness results!

We won’t let you fail.  So don’t you let yourself fail by not taking that first step toward fitness and lifelong weight loss!

Here’s how we do it…

  • One-on-one training sessions
  • Gym-based group training sessions
  • Outdoor-based group training sessions
  • Boot camp training sessions
  • 8 Week Challenges
  • Support and motivation from your personal trainer and group membership to push you toward your goal
  • A fun fat burning exercise program that will have you losing inches, dropping a couple of clothe sizes and have you feeling more energetic and sexy!
  • Practical guidance during your workouts so you’ll perform each exercise correctly with and reduce your risk of injury
  • A workout that has variety, so you’ll never get bored
  • Important nutrition instruction about the right kind of fat burning foods to eat that will make you feel satisfied while you lose weight
  • Accountability to do the work to get your body in top form and show up for sessions.  (If you don’t come, we’ll track you down!)

Did you know that most people who try to workout alone quit within the first 60 days? We’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen to you!

You’ll have trainer-supervised workouts that are meant to burn fat quickly while boosting your metabolism.  We’ll be there with you every step of the way to answer your questions and give you encouragement.  And if you have a day you don’t feel like working out, we’ll give you the kick in the butt you need to keep going!

You didn’t gain weight over night and you won’t lose it overnight.  But if you do it right, you can lose weight, feel healthier and look bikini ready with the guidance of the proven weight loss and fitness program that B3 Personal Training has to offer.

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Kyle Nisbett

Before I joined B3 I was unfit and was being picked on for being big. Now I am fit and feel great.

I feel like I have accomplished something I set out to do and am equally impressed with the results. Looking forward to more B3.

“Now I am fit and feel great.”
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Laura North

I always had an active childhood being involved with team sports such as soccer. Committing to a team sport these days is pretty tough. I also find motivating myself to go and do exercise by myself pretty tough so the B3 Bootcamps have been perfect. I get the social aspect of a team sport along with great workouts which never get boring. After almost 2yrs of bootcamps I can honestly say that we have not had one session that has been exactly the same as another. Pete uses his imagination to think up different and fun exercises for us to do.

I have never felt so strong! When I first started the B3 Bootcamps I could only do 2 full pushups before my arms gave way. Now I can do 26! I feel great and get a full body workout which keeps me feeling healthy.

Lisa Palmer

B3 boot camps seemed like a challenge, something different to same weekly routine that I would go through at the gym. I was nervous to begin with not knowing what to expect & boot camps seemed daunting, I had a image of what I had seen on TV, being yelled at by some big trainer. It actually took me a couple of weeks to pluck up the courage and attend my first session. Once I got into I found that it was no where near as scary as what I thought it would be, It was fun and social and I discovered that I really loved working out outside of the gym, learning how you can exercise without having to use a machine.

After 6 months of attending the Auckland bootcamp, I am feeling a lot better about myself, more comfortable in my own skin. My strength has increased, I can now run 5kms, when I started I couldn’t even make 1km, well on my way to reaching my goal of running a half marathon. I loved to see my results from our regular fitness tests and also setting new goals for myself for the next fitness test.

B3 is the best thing that I could have done with my fitness, It made working out fun and it was with help and support from all the trainers. I would never have been able to get as far on my goals on my own.


“I am feeling a lot better about myself, more comfortable in my own skin.”
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Neda Oliver

I started with Pete as I had gradually put weight on over Winter and decided I wanted to try and lose it before summer started and I couldn’t hide under vests anymore.

Also I was getting a bit bored at the gym doing the same workout all the time and wanted to shake things up a bit.

My fitness has increased to no end. I’m feeling strong and fit. Before I started with Pete I could hardy run half a kilometre however within 9 months I completed my first half marathon.

I’ve made some really good friends through bootcamp. We all encourage each other and it’s great to go to bootcamp because it is so motivating.

I’m not the type of person who enjoys exercising alone so bootcamp is fabulous from that point of view. And somehow Pete is constantly coming up with new exercises.

Ngaroimata Reid

I began working with B3 prior to turning 40 which is just over five years ago now. I had been involved in a B3 Challenge some months before but wanted to complete a womens triathlon for my 40th Birthday and turned to Pete and B3 for training support to do this.

I have been training with Pete and B3 for five years now and i look at what i have achieved. I completed 3 triathlons following my 40th birthday, i have lost over 45kg in the last three years, i am fitter and have more energy than i have ever had, i have completed a number of B3 activities from tree and sand dune climbing to boot camp and a few more B3 Challenges. I have won the B3 Excellence in Health and Fitness trophy twice, i have beaten depression, i have moved from taking blood pressure, asthma and anti-depressant medication to taking multi vitamins and iron tablets. I was a size 26 and i now fit into size 16 skinny jeans. But what have i really achieved? I have absolutely re-gained my self esteem and sense of self. Life does get me down, things do get tough but i will never stop exercising, its just who i am now.



“...I am fitter and have more energy than I have ever had...”
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Paul Berry

After years of working out on my own and repeating the same routine I was getting the same mediocre results, so, rather reluctantly I decided to try B3 Personal Training for a few months to try and get a better perspective on workouts

The best thing I have ever done! Every session is new! Pete is continually changing my routine (and keeps a few favourites) and my body changes quickly now. His workouts are continually interesting and challenging, I will never go back to my old boring routines!

“The best thing I have ever done!”
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Rachel Forbe

I started with B3 personal training because I was feeling unfit and lacking in energy and I wasn’t feeling motivated by working out at the gym. I thought the B3 boot camp might remotivate me because it is social and provides a variety of locations and activities.

Since starting with B3 personal training I have increased my fitness dramatically, lost weight and taken up running. I completed my first Coatesville Classic 8km run and managed to achieve a time that was third out of all the women my age group. I also have a lot more energy and have a more positive attitude about what I am capable of achieving. My children have seen what I am achieving and my son was inspired to also compete in the 2km kids dash in Coatesville.

“I have a lot more energy and have a more positive attitude...”
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Regan Oxenham

I was already going the gym but wanted to improve my body type, My goal was to gain weight and lose weight. Pete was a great trainer, always happy and never a dull session.

“Pete was a great trainer...”
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I started with B3 when I entered the B3 Challenge. I wanted something to aim for, rather then just going to the gym and going through the motions, and the challenge was the perfect goal. But as I had only been going to the gym for about 6 months by then, I knew I was going to need some help to achieve my goals. Not so much someone to push me, but a program and someone to guide me through the program’s. Which is where you came in and I haven’t looked back since.

What have I achieved?? Well, I am in great shape and have an awesome fitness level. The best thing I find now, after training with you for six and a half years, is that even if I don’t go my usual hard out for a while, when I do get back into my usual training I find that it takes very little time to get back to where I was at. The way we have trained over the years has given me such an awesome baseline (not sure if that is he right word to use, but you know what I mean). That is a pretty good feeling!!

“...I am in great shape and have an awesome fitness level.”

I feel half the size of the person I was 2 years ago. B3 has changed my life. It has shown me the life I want to live and helped me at a low stage of my life that I never go back to. When I first started with Pete and B3 I weighting in at 82kgs and was unable to run at all and always had something to say about it ohhh but pete its this its that!!! Now im running often and weighting in at 69kgs!

Also as a female along side a high percentage of women these days I have suffered from Endometriosis from the age of 15 and by the age of 22 I have had four operations. With every operation and carrying the 82 kgs it would prolong the recovery and there was also weight gain and other side effects. Doctors said with the operations weight lose would help with a speedy recovery which trust me is true! Life is all round easier Thanks to Pete B3 an alot of hard work icon smile Steph

“B3 has changed my life.”
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Tara Jahn Werner

When I first started I was beginning to look like a ‘Telly Tubby’ – Me self image and self confidence was also very low. I can’t think of life now without exercise and Personal fitness goals. As a ‘Middle Ager’ its so important to look after yourself and go to the gym regularly.Pete’s motivation powers are awesome!

I’ve been with Pete for over 10 years now! And during that time I have run a marathon, done countless half marathons, duathlons and triathlons. Now I’ve discovered cycling and have achieved my goal of racing around Lake Taupo (160kms) All thanks to Pete! And I intend to go on until I reach 80!

“Pete’s motivation powers are awesome!”
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I wanted to lose weight and get fit. I’d heard great things from friends, and a friend asked if I’d do it with her, so I decided to go for it.

The fittest and strongest I’ve been for a long time. My asthma has also benefited greatly from my fitness and is the best it has been, again, in a very long time.

I can run for longer than a few minutes without wanting to pass out, which has been a massive achievement! It’s pretty cool to see muscle definition starting to happen too.


“The fittest and strongest I've been for a long time.”

Every workout is designed to give you maximum weight loss benefits. You’ll sweat while you work out.  But you’ll burn fat long after your workout is over.  What’s more, you’ll have loads of energy to get through the day and doing the things you’ve always wanted to do, but didn’t have the energy for.

We make our workouts fun and shake things up with a variety of exercises so you’ll never be bored and you’ll look forward to coming back for each session.

I can offer you this no risk guarantee because I know my program gets results for my clients time and again.  Are you next?  I sure hope so!

Don’t you think it’s time to kick butt and transform your body from soft and flabby to fabulously skinny and sexy?  Just imagine how great being thin, healthy and thin feels!

  • Incinerate fat and inches off your waist, hips, thighs, belly and arms
  • Gain loads of energy so you can do things you want to enjoy with your family
  • Increase your self confidence
  • Be healthier and more energetic than you’ve felt in years

Look and feel 10 years younger!  Call B3 Personal Training today and get started transforming your body from flabby to fabulous!


Peter Bristow
Auckland Personal Trainer

P.S. Don’t allow lack of motivation or fear of failure to keep you stuck in the same place; out of shape and unfit.  Auckland Personal Training gives you a 100% money back no-risk GUARANTEE that you will lose weight and get your body healthy and fit.  All you have to do is register to get started!  Contact B3 Personal Training today.

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